Kindle grumbles

Update: June 3, 2013
I made a few mistakes with the formatting; OK, but there’s one thing about the Kindle version that I can’t do anything about and that’s the size of the various devices and readers’ chosen font. Chapter headings often appear at the bottom of a page on my Kindle but on bigger ones they don’t. Ho hum.

Now other gripes from the original post:
‘The feature “Look Inside the Book” is automatically enabled.’ (italics my own)

With reference to yesterday’s premature ejaculation – ‘Goal!’, this was the point of contention: ‘automatically’ does not mean ‘immediately’, although it does imply it. No? Oh, well.

Credibility: there’s another fine word. Frequently goes with ‘have lost all’. As a LinkedIn contact pointed out, ‘Credibility is the only currency in this business.’ Meaning the business of promoting a book, not the money side. So, have I? (lost all credibility) I’ve announced on every platform on which I have a presence that the book will be free today, tomorrow and Sunday but, because of the mix-up over the meaning of ‘automatically enabled’, that’s not gonna happen. The ‘Look Inside’ feature is available on the print version page but to access it requires multiple clicks and potential readers easily give up if access is difficult or long.

Many Twitter followers retweeted my original announcement but I think I’m being optimistic to expect them now to retweet my retwaction. However, as I’m constantly reminded, it’s not a book I’m selling, it’s myself and part of myself is this bumbling fool who acts impulsively and gets things wrong.

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Retired university lecturer, former world traveller, now working part time as an academic examiner and gradually morphing into full-time creative worker: writing and crafts
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