The never-ending story (of my quest to be published)

The 6 May has come and gone and, despite the promise, Hot Times did not appear on my Amazon book page in its Kindle format. I contacted Createspace, who had made the promise, and, to their credit I have to say they answered all my enquiries immediately – no few days waiting as I’ve experienced before. They say they have no idea what the problem is and have passed me over to Kindle enquiries. I have filled in all the required forms to have my book enrolled in Kindle Select so I don’t know what’s happened. I await developments – which is what I’ve been doing for so long now I’m used to it.

Meanwhile, I continue to promote the book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and, now, Rebel Mouse. Result – 0! No-one is buying the paperback so I’ve got no reviews. Hence, no-one will buy the paperback. I’m pinning (madly, on Pinterest, and enjoying every minute of it; do have a look: all my hopes on the Kindle version, wherever it may currently be hiding. I’m loving RebelMouse and I thoroughly recommend it; have a look:

Facebook has been no use at all: I’m really disenchanted with that. Not FB’s fault, this, but I went trawling for ‘likes’ on my book page:
I just needed 30 likes in order to get – oh, hell; I don’t even understand what it was – something! Over a period of three weeks I begged and cajoled everyone I knew, in real life and on various sites, to ‘like’ me. It happened at the rate of about one a day. Then another writer contacted me and ask for a ‘like’ on her page. I will always do this. Her message was the following: ‘Give me a ‘like’ and help me reach 11,000 likes on my Facebook page’ Say wha’!

I’m so hooked on the promotional side, despite getting nowhere, that I’m not doing anything on my current Work in Progress. The wait goes on….and on…and on…

About lindabanana

Retired university lecturer, former world traveller, now working part time as an academic examiner and gradually morphing into full-time creative worker: writing and crafts
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