To Select or not to Select

I have been assured that tomorrow is the day my book goes on Amazon in Kindle format. So tomorrow is the day I will finally decide whether or not to go Kindle Select. On the matter of the five free days, I don’t want to give my book away unless it’s the paperback and to someone really special. People report, ‘2,000 free downloads already and the book’s in the Top 100; how encouraging!’ No; sorry, I wouldn’t find that encouraging at all. What, the only way I can persuade people to read my book is by giving it away? On the other hand, 2,000 people might tell 2 other people each and some of them might buy the book. Well, you know the conundrum.

Then there’s the idea of the book being exclusive to Amazon for, I can’t remember, three months is it? Personally, I have never even accessed ‘Smashwords’ or ‘Kobo’ or any other online book outlet. Am I unusual in this? And ‘Lulu’; does that still exist? I haven’t heard a peep about them for ages. Any information or pros and cons of going Kindle Select gratefully received.

About lindabanana

Retired university lecturer, former world traveller, now working part time as an academic examiner and gradually morphing into full-time creative worker: writing and crafts
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2 Responses to To Select or not to Select

  1. I’m with Kindle Select and had poo-poohed those who did freebies for about 18 months. Then I gave in … 22,000 FREE books later my books suddenly started to SELL. It was the best decision I ever made. I’m also with Lulu – I don’t sell anywhere near as many in paperback but it’s good to give people the option. I’m still considering Kobo, Nook etc

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