Kindle version pending

Another delay! Entirely my fault, of course. You have to understand as soon as possible, I’ve realised, that Createspace will do exactly what you want but they will not take the initiative. Initiative is the key to this publishing business. My latest stupidity is not reading my ‘Author Dashboard’ in enough detail. I read it enough to see the message, ‘Services in process’, or something along those lines, with regard to the conversion of the paperback to Kindle and I assumed I didn’t have to do anything to assist in this process – it’s been formatted, after all. What I didn’t realise is that I was supposed to check the digital proof. Oh dear, I didn’t. Busy today, so bang goes my Friday of leisure. Time to get the microscope out and my proof reader’s hat on. I guess that means another month of waiting for the big opening day.

There’s an upside to this. The longer I have to wait, the more I don’t have to fear the rejection of not selling any. Meanwhile, I’m working hard at establishing my author platform, especially via Pinterest, and it’s working! By tweeting my ‘pins,’ accompanied by lines from the novel, I’m getting ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ coming at me from all sides and ‘met’ a lot of interesting people from all over. Continue to watch this space …….

About lindabanana

Retired university lecturer, former world traveller, now working part time as an academic examiner and gradually morphing into full-time creative worker: writing and crafts
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