I am on fie – ya!!!

EIN done and dusted, I can now go ahead with publication, right? Well, no. Now, I have to do the reformatting for the Kindle version. I had been labouring under the misapprehension that this was done for you if you opted for Kindle Select: no such luck. Well, the weekend was coming so I put this on hold. All those helpful blogs about how to sell your books advocate establishing your ‘author platform’ on social networking sites. Make potential readers love you for something other than your writing and they are more likely to buy your book is the general idea of this. My twitter page consists of messages from other writers and, of course, knitters! That’s my other main field of creativity. So I set to and built another page for this blog. It’s called ‘The crafty side of me.’ There it is at the top of the page. Have a wee look. I plan to share designs and patterns on it. Hover over the title and you will find the first one – a crochet hippy waistcoat I’ve made more times than I can count since the 60s. Oh-oh; I’ve mentioned them! Wondered how long it would take. Now I can do ‘Parent’; i.e., embed a page within a page, as it were. My technophobe days could truly be a thing of the past.

With that in mind, I’ve long been cogitating on Photoshop. Well, you do, don’t you (emphasis either on ‘do’/’don’t or on ‘you’/’don’t’ – take your pick). Actually, not that long – only since I started thinking about my book cover. Of course, as soon as the cogit began, Amazon started bombarding me with ads. This weekend, I thought, yeah; I’ll do it! I was nudged into it by reading on the Createspace community that all kinds of files can be turned into other kinds of files at the click of a mouse. Could I possibly change my book cover into Kindle specifications myself? (Emphasis most definitely on the ‘self.’) Why not?

I had all the marketing info: product, cost, delivery. Already an Adobe customer, I decided to go for discount. Of course, I wasn’t as optimistic about getting my head round the technology. I text-spoke to a delightful phone adviser. I got my discount. I downloaded the product. I tore out my hair during this process. I persisted, I railed, I had another go. Success! From then on, it’s been plainish sailing. I’ve now saved my cover in the right format, taken the date off all the digital photos from over the years when I’d forgotten to deactivate that particular button on my camera. Some other photo things. Not bad going for a first effort, I think.

Next thing to consider is ‘publishing software.’ Could anyone be reading this who can offer an opinion?! ‘twould be great if there were.
Well (next day), having had another play with it, I’ve realised that this actually IS publishing software! Tips and suggestions of how to use it in cool ways still much appreciated.

About lindabanana

Retired university lecturer, former world traveller, now working part time as an academic examiner and gradually morphing into full-time creative worker: writing and crafts
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