Good news, bad news

Well, Christmas has come and I’m still no further with getting an ITIN. My notarised passport copy was sent to the Foreign Office by the notary on December 3. ‘It’ll take a week,’ he said. Oh well; twenty three days have passed and … nothing. Nothing will happen until the New Year now. But the preview of my book has had seventy five hits, nine reviews, eight five star reviews so it’s not all bad. The one who gave me three stars objected to the erotic element. Could it have been the masturbation with a crucifix, d’you think?

When, if, it ever comes back from the Foreign Office, that’s just Stage One over. After that, the apostilled copy and my W7 has to be sent to Austin, Texas. This, I’m told, can take two months. I can sooooooooooooo understand why some authors just say, eff it, I’ll pay the 30% royalty. But I can’t do that! That’s absolute defeatism … and absolutely throwing money away. God, I could scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later, same day…..I’ve been reading others’ accounts of this insane ITIN rigmarole and ‘it takes 4 months’ has come up. It wasn’t irony when I said ‘Maybe next Christmas’! Now, I’m mad with myself for my lack of assertiveness Several people, I have just read, had their ITINs turned down on the grounds of wrong kind of photocopy. What could I have done to insist any more than I did that it should be a colour copy? Back to square one.

I also read, though, that you can get your book up there and have your royalties deferred until you sort the tax thing out. A ray of hope.

About lindabanana

Retired university lecturer, former world traveller, now working part time as an academic examiner and gradually morphing into full-time creative worker: writing and crafts
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