Today’s major achievement concerns domains and their names and how to look as if you’re a .com/ and all the other dotty things, when, in fact, you are just a First, you buy all the domain names you want. I don’t know why some domain names cost more than others but, via ‘1&1’ (company dealing in domains and websites), I bought ‘ and every other possible variation, thus ensuring that no-one else, such as a glamorous fruit dealer in Venezuela, has a web presence under the ‘lindabanana’ name. This was not expensive at all, none of these domains having an annual subscription of more than $2.99. But buying them all in order to prevent someone else using them is just the start.

Then, you register for a wordpress site, which couldn’t be easier. Next, you log in back at the old 1&1 and go through the procedure, for each of your domains, to have this automatically redirected to the domain. This means that now, if you put ‘’ or any of the other suffixes ‘.org’, ‘’, ‘.eu’, it will give you ‘’.

1&1 actually sell websites and domains mainly used for business. When I bought mine from them I didn’t know this. I was, therefore, astonished to discover that all my contact details had been published for all the world to see. A panicky message to ‘1&1 Support’ and I was able to conceal all these details – I hope: I haven’t actually checked yet.

What did I fail at today? Everything else connected with customising the wordpress blog, unfortunately. I’ve been trying to add a ‘link widget’, without success. I’ll have to go back to that another day.

About lindabanana

Retired university lecturer, former world traveller, now working part time as an academic examiner and gradually morphing into full-time creative worker: writing and crafts
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2 Responses to Domains

  1. Very impressed. Have you posted a link to this on the Sand page of FB? I’m sure other would be interested too.

    • lindabanana says:

      OK. Have done. I’ve been lax at the social networking thing because I have no idea when the book will actually be available. It’s this American tax thing. I’ve now read at least ten different sets of instructions on how to get an ITIN. It takes weeks and most, apparently, come back to be done again because of some mistake on the form. Hardly surprising. If that happens to me I’ll be pushier at the American Embassy and not leave until they help me get the bureaucracy right. If I was still working full-time I’d never be able to do all this. L

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